February 12, 2012

Cynthia Price

Sierra Club has consistently taken the right positions on issues for all the right reasons. As a person with a broad interest in protecting the environment alongside a keen sense of the importance of the common good, I've really appreciated the opportunity to work with people whose stances are so sensible and comprehensive.

For example, the Michigan Chapter has opposed coal fired power plants not only because of their negative impacts on the environment and public health, but also because they represent a poor investment, with eventual adverse consequences for energy companies, the overall economy, and the ratepayer. This has been personally satisfying for me but, more important, has resulted in positive outcomes for everyone.

February 8, 2012

Lynne Stauff and Dave Errickson

Lynne Stauff and Dave Errickson can honestly say the nation’s oldest environmental organization changed their lives. The Lansing residents met on a Club outing in Glacier National Park in 2006, got engaged at another park and tied the knot last August.

“My first Sierra Club outing brought me the love of my life,” says Errickson. “In five years of membership, I have gotten back far more than I could ever give.”

“We courted over trail work, splashing boulders in a muddy stream, rinsing off in a cold creek, sharing meals with like-minded people while watching the sun set over the mountains,” Stauff adds. “We still enjoy Sierra Club trips and volunteering with our local chapter.  It’s been an adventure of a lifetime!”