November 4, 2012

Nancy Shiffler

For me, the Sierra Club is a place where a love of exploring the wild places of the earth leads naturally to protecting the natural and human environment for future generations. 

By joining many people in this endeavor, I've gotten strength and endurance to stay in the fight for the long term.

-- Nancy Shiffler, Michigan Chapter Executive Committee member and long-time Sierra Club volunteer

October 29, 2012

Cecilia Garcia

I was introduced to the Sierra Club in 2005. When I opened an eco-friendly / sustainable cafe in the same neighborhood as the Michigan Chapter. I was welcomed with amazing support and generosity by the staff. Sierra Club was a major factor in our success. I was invited to be a speaker at the Chapter annual retreat in 2008 and fell even more in love with the organization and its phenomenal members.

When I decided to close my cafe to be home with my children, Sierra Club couldn't have been more supportive despite the hungry bellies left in the wake of the cafe's departure. They found a place for me in the organization so that I could continue to work for the environment.

Without the Sierra Club, I would likely have continued a long career in the restaurant business, horribly conflicted between my personal beliefs on environmental stewardship and making a living in the incredibly destructive hospitality industry. Thank you, Sierra Club!

October 17, 2012

John Philbin

In the 1980s while living in California, I got hooked on the Great Outdoors and joined the Sierra Club.  It was a place I found kindred  spirits, and Sierra Magazine got me dreaming of hiking trips to all the in national parks.

Since I moved to Michigan 15 years ago, I've really enjoyed Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore and all the other natural wonders in this state, and I try to pass on that love of nature to my students.

-- John Philbin, Grand Valley State University film professor and Grand Rapids resident  

July 26, 2012

Lynn Henning

What does Sierra Club mean to me?  Communication.  In 2010  I was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize for my work exposing the polluting practices of factory farms, but it is because of Michigan Chapter that I received this great honor.

The Sierra Club has supported me throughout my long fight to tell the truth about these operations, which aren’t farms at all. It has given me a voice, a platform to communicate to the world. To be able to say, this is wrong. This needs to change. I’m forever grateful for that.

Lynn Henning, Lenawee County farmer and Sierra Club Water Sentinel (Follow her on Twitter @CAFOCrusader)

June 26, 2012

John Schmit

The Sierra Club has always been a great way to meet like-minded people to get out and enjoy the outdoors. When I worked in L.A. 100+ hours a week, I really appreciated getting up into the mountains to hike trails and connect with the natural environment. It was a great way to clear the mind (and lungs!).

The Sierra Club always had outings I could join or information to learn about new places to explore. More than anything, just finding people with the same enthusiasm for the outdoors was worth joining. Since then, I've hiked all over the world and seen some amazing natural places.

I've barely scratched the surface here in Michigan. It really is a natural wonderland.

May 15, 2012

Gloria Rivera

Without the Sierra Club, Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit would miss out on the chance to work with some strong and inspiring women!

Since 2005, we've worked with Sierra Club's Rhonda Anderson who is passionate about environmental justice. Take a tour with her and you learn about industry's legacy of pollution, danger and devastation and meet valiant residents of the 48217 zip code who won't give up their struggle for justice!

Melissa Damaschke, another SC staffer in Detroit and passionate advocate for the Great Lakes, works with the People's Water Board, teaching about water conservation and rain barrels, and Michelle Martinez worked on air quality--from toxic stuff in the atmosphere to truck emissions in southwest Detroit—until her final day with the Club last week.

Finally, the tenacious Anna Holden is a volunteer who has worked for 20 years to close the Detroit incinerator and bring green jobs and curbside recycling to the city. I'm honored to work with all of these dedicated, passionate women!

Gloria Rivera is an Immaculate Heart of Mary Sister and the Great Lakes Detroit Coordinator for Bioneers.

April 2, 2012

Phil Crookshank

Sierra Club means family to me. Twenty-five years ago I saw an announcement in the paper and I tried to join a Sierra Club hike but didn’t know my way around enough to find the group. When I finally did, I was warmly welcomed at the Group Outings Scheduling meeting. And they promptly put my ideas for two canoe trips on the calendar!

Now, as I look back as Outings Chair for the Southeast Michigan Group, I reflect that if not for the overwhelming family feeling this group gave me, I would’ve wound up mis-spending my youth elsewhere.  I credit my good health to the Outings Committee that has been so supportive and keeps me outdoors doing what I love every week.
--Phil Crookshank, Detroit area, SEMG Outings Chair